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Our Locations

Birch Lane Elementary
530-304-4732, Meet in the MPR
1600 Birch Lane, Davis

Cesar Chavez Elementary
530-574-3768, TBA

M. Montgomery Elementary
530-304-3544, Meet in the MPR
1441 Danbury, Davis

Korematsu Elementary
530-402-3416, Meet in the MPR
3100 Loyola Drive, Davis

North Davis Elementary
530-219-6156, Meet in RM M-48
555 East 14th Street, Davis

Patwin Elementary
530-304-3548, Meet in the MPR
2222 Shasta Drive, Davis

Pioneer Elementary
530-220-4736 (After-school), Meet in the MPR

530-746-1129 (TK/K), Meet in RM C-21
5215 Hamel Drive, Davis

Willett Elementary
530-220-4735, Meet in RM E-23
1207 Sycamore Lane, Davis