COVID19 Safety Information

Help stop the spread of COVID-19: If your child is feeling under the weather, please do not send your child to DKK. If your child is in a COVID-19-exposed class, please follow all District protocols in the District’s notice. In following those protocols, please note that DKK is an extracurricular activity. DKK will be pleased to welcome back your child to DKK after their quarantine is over.

Davis Kids Klub COVID19 Safety Practices

COVID-19 Safety:  While guidelines and/or orders may change at any time, here is a list of some of the many health and safety measures we have in place:


  • Students and staff wear properly fitted (covering nose and mouth) masks while indoors and/or whenever in close proximity to others.
  • All staff and students may have their temperatures checked daily upon arrival, and may be checked again over the course of the day, as needed.
  • Students are asked to wash and/or sanitize their hands regularly and frequently throughout the day.
  • Staff monitors and frequently reminds students to maintain social distance (6 feet apart).
  • Students have their own labeled and designated work station and eating spot at the tables.
  • DKK staff and DJUSD site custodians regularly sanitize surfaces, indoors and out (including picnic benches, bathrooms, playground equipment, tables, etc.).​

Please make sure you are following DJUSD Health and Safety assessments prior to sending your child to school and/or DKK. We appreciate you and your student(s) staying home if you are feeling sick.