Enrichment Opportunities

DKK Enrichment Opportunities

For the 2019-20 school year, Davis Kids Klub is piloting a slightly different structure to our enrichment programming.These enrichments will be offered in addition to the arts, crafts, and STEAM projects we already include in our weekly schedule.  Our goal is to incorporate a variety of different creative and fun activities that will expose students to new experiences, with a focus on learning, active listening, team work, concentration, and mindfulness.

Depending on your student’s site, we are hoping your child will appreciate and enjoy some of the exciting opportunities that we will have available to them this year:

  • Theater Games and Skills with a Theater Arts instructor
  • Special art projects (procured from a certified art teacher)
  • American Red Cross preparedness presentations
  • Science demonstrations and experiments
  • Nutrition/Foods (allergies will be noted)
  • Karaoke
  • “Let’s Dance” movement
  • Tech Time (with guardian consent)
  • Yoga/Mindful breathing
  • Create-a-Comic
  •  UCD Project Catalyst homework tutors (site dependent)



We appreciate parent support, and donations toward the instructors and/or supplies for these specialized enrichments are always accepted!