Fees 2019-2020

Monthly Program Fees

After-school Fees 2019-20 (1st-6th graders)

  • Five days a week

  • Four days a week

  • Three days a week

  • Two days a week

  • One day a week

  • Wednesday; One day a week

  • Sibling Club (M,T,TH,F)

    Sibling Club is designed for students 1-3 grade waiting for siblings 4-6 grade. There will be NO SIBLING CLUB on conference weeks (Nov/March).

  • Daily drop-in per day (M,T,TH,F)

  • Daily drop-in per day (Wednesday)

  • Change Fee

    Make a change to your attendance days/contract at anytime!


TK/K All Day Program (11:35am-6pm) @ Pioneer Elementary Fees 2019-20

For more information on the TK/K All Day Program, please contact the DKK Office (office@daviskidsklub.com).

  • 11:35am-2:35pm (Five days a week)

  • 11:35am-3:05pm (Five days a week)

  • 11:50am-6:00pm (Five days a week)

  • 3:10pm-6:00pm (Five days a week)

  • Daily Drop-In (11:35am-2:35pm)

    (M, T, Th, F)

  • Daily Drop-In (11:35am-3:05pm)

    (M, T, Th, F)

  • Daily Drop-In (11:35am-6:00pm)

    (M, T, Th, F)

  • Daily Wednesday Drop-In (11:35am-1:35pm)

  • Change Fee

    Make a change to your attendance days/contract at anytime!


Before Program (7:00am-8:30am) @ Koremastu Elementary Fees 2019-20

Location: Korematsu Library

  • 5 days a week

  • Daily Drop-Ins per day (M,T,W,Th,F)

  • Change Fee

    Make a change to your attendance days/contract at anytime!



Fee Subsidies may be available to families.

Davis Kids Klub (DKK) is committed to offering quality, affordable after school programming for the Davis community.  We feel strongly that all children should have access to fun, safe after school recreational opportunities.  With this philosophy at the forefront, we have a financial assistance program available to help families.

Scholarships are awarded based both on child/family eligibility, as well as on program availability at the time of request.  DKK is funded entirely by parent tuition, and the program does not receive any funding from outside sources.  Therefore, funding is limited.  There is no guarantee that a family who meets the eligibility factors will be awarded tuition assistance or that a family who received tuition assistance one year will receive tuition assistance or the same award the following year.

**Please note, that scholarship recipients must still pay the $99 registration fee, and are responsible for the full cost of any other fees that may accrue per the contract (late fees, etc.).  Additionally, families waiting for a scholarship to be approved are still responsible for paying for any programming fees at the regular advertised rate.  If this is a hardship for your family, you should opt to wait until you receive notification of a scholarship before starting your child with the program.

To determine if your child/family is eligible to receive a scholarship, please first complete the following steps:

Step 1.             Provide documentation from either DJUSD or CHS (see below):

  • A current copy of your family’s DJUSD Free & Reduced Lunch eligibility letter
  • Documentation showing your family is eligible to receive services through Children’s Home Society of California (CHS). If your family has not applied for a CHS program in the past and you think you may be eligible, please apply online by completing an Eligibility List Questionnaire at chs-ca.org.

Step 2.             Schedule an appointment with the DKK Office to register online at daviskidsklub.com, and pay the $99 registration fee.

Step 3.             Complete page 2 of this application and return it with the required documentation from Step 2.