Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if the DKK program at my child’s school site is closed for enrollment?

In the event that there is high demand at a site (too many students for the space we are designated and/or not enough staff to maintain safe ratios), that particular site will close and a waitlist will be started. Parents can complete this form to be placed on a wait-list for their school site. Parents will be notified via email if a spot opens for their student to enroll.

Holidays/School Closures

Is DKK open on holidays and breaks? Does DKK run a Summer Camp?
We typically close for legal holidays and offer Camp Days on some of the holidays/days off school. Camp Days are billed separately/independent of your regular monthly fees. If you choose to register for a DKK Camp, those fees are non-refundable.

I am interested in non-school Camp Days. How can I enroll?

Camp Days are announced approximately a month prior to the camp. Camp announcements can be found on our website homepage. Camp Days have limited availability and we enroll on a first-come, first-serve basis. Additional camp details are sent out in a parent email after you have successfully enrolled.

Fees and Taxes

Is there an annual registration fee?

Yes, there is a $99 family fee for the school year. Summer Camp has a separate registration fee.

What is the tax ID# and how do I get documentation for my taxes?

The Davis Kids Klub Tax ID# is 03-0451515. Fees paid for the previous year can be found online at your parent account. To view your annual statement, please select “Account Payments” at the top of your account. On the “Account Payments” page, select “Receipts Summary” found in the mid-right corner. Once on this page, you will be able to select a start and end date for your receipt and then simply scroll down the page to find your total amount.

Are August and June fees prorated?
Yes, August and June monthly fees are prorated by our system and will be automatically reflected on your billing statement.

Changes to my Contract

I want to change my contract and reduce my contract (days and/or hours), how do I do this?
You can make changes to your account at any time online; however, we do request 30 days notice. Please note that a $39 fee will be charged for any change to your contract that results in a reduction of days/hours.

I want to end my contract and withdraw my student(s), how do I do this and will I get a refund for any days that I have already paid for and will go unused?

We recognize that circumstances and family needs change and that your family may decide to discontinue services with Davis Kids Klub. DKK staffs our sites based on student enrollment. Any withdrawal of or contract cancellation for any student enrollee from DKK must be made with a minimum of 30 days notice to DKK and will result in a $39 withdrawal/cancellation fee for each student disenrolled. You will not be refunded for any days within the 30-day window from when you give notice to your child’s final day with DKK. Please note, the registration fee of $99 is non-refundable.

My child will not be attending DKK for an extended period of time, what are my options?

Davis Kids Klub cannot hold spots for students. If you are interested in keeping your child’s spot, you should continue to pay your monthly fees, even if your child is absent for an extended period.

I want to change my contract to add additional days, how do I do this?
Please email [email protected] to inquire about additional days. If there is availability at your site, we can add the requested days to your plan and waive the $39 change fee. Please note that depending on when the change to your account is processed, you will likely see an additional prorated charge to your account to reflect the increase in your monthly fees for the added days.

Can I get a credit/refund for ________________?
Monthly fees are non-refundable and non-transferable due to student absence, student illness, and/or family vacation time.
Camp Day fees are non-refundable.
Holidays/non-school days are not refunded or given as credit. We do our best to keep our fees affordable and factor all days, days off and extra hours (Wednesdays, Conference Weeks, etc.) into your monthly fees. Your monthly fees are only prorated for the months of August and June.

Do you offer any discounts?
● No family/sibling discounts are given.
● Employees of DJUSD are eligible for a 20% discount. Please contact us to learn more about your eligibility.

I want to change the credit card on my account, how can I do this?

You may change your card information at any time by logging into your Davis Kids Klub account and selecting “Manage Credit Card” on the top. In addition, if you are notified or realize that your monthly payment has not been processed and/or you do not have a working credit card on file, please notify our office immediately. Your child may NOT attend DKK until your credit card issue has been resolved.


How do I/Do I need to report my child’s absence?
Please report your child’s daily absence or future absence(s) to your child’s DKK Site Director. Call the DKK site number directly to speak with staff or leave a message. Please do not contact the DKK main office or your child’s school office to report absences from DKK.

Will I be notified if my child does not arrive at DKK?
Your child’s Site Director will send an email alert to the primary contact on your child’s account if your student has not checked in with their Site Director within approximately 10 minutes of their school dismissal time.

How will staff know if my child has a medical/health, behavioral or other need?
It is the responsibility of the person registering the child to include as much information and as many details about the child as possible. This should be done online on your account, as well as communicated verbally and/or in writing to your child’s site director. It is also the account holder’s responsibility to update the child’s account and account information immediately, and at a minimum annually, with any updates and/or changes regarding the child.

More Questions?

What should I do if I want more information or have additional questions about your program?
Most everything you would want to know about our program is addressed here in the FAQ or is available on the other pages/tabs of our website. In addition, we have a “Waivers and Agreements” document that includes all of the details and policies of our program https://daviskidsklub.com/waivers-agreements/. If you cannot find the answers to your questions on our website or in our “Waivers and Agreements”, please email us at [email protected].